My Phone Is Broken

I bought a Samsung Galaxy S5 in June 2015 from Blutekusa on On the morning of Wednesday, March second, the phone stopped working. I am really frustrated because I spent a few days dealing with many people on what I could do about my phone. However, nobody seems to know what to do.
First, I went to the Samsung website and opened the chat so I could speak with a representative. He had me go through many scenarios of possible reasons my phone was no longer working. He asked me if it was charged, if I used the charger that came with the phone, if I tried using a different charger, and if there was any possible water damage. I had already tried all his charger suggestions, and my phone had not come in contact with water. Afterward, he proceeded to us the numbers under the battery in my phone to let me know he could not locate my phone in the system, and there was nothing more he could do to help me with this particular issue. Finally, he was nice enough to forward me to a Samsung number which I could call to get help with my problem.
I proceeded to call that number immediately. The lady on the phone walked me through the same scenarios on the phone as the representative had previously done on the chat. She also looked up my phone in the system and could not find anything.
Next, I went to my local Best Buy. I explained my problem to their Samsung specialist, and he tried to help me as best as he could. First, he tried plugging my phone into his own charger. Nothing happened. Then, he tried starting up my phone a special way. Again, nothing happened. Finally, he tried switching out my battery for a brand new battery and then switching my phone on in the special way. Still nothing happened. He proceeded to tell me there was nothing he could do. Before leaving, he provided me with the address to a Samsung repair center.
After yet another failed attempt to have my phone fixed, or even figure out what’s wrong with it, I took my phone to the local AT&T store. This trip was completely useless, because after explaining my problem, the lady immediately told me there was nothing they could do to help me.
After going home, I decided to go to the Blutekusa website so I could directly contact the people I bought my phone from. Unfortunately, the website had a message that said it was temporarily closed. Luckily, I was able to find their seller page on Amazon, where I found an email address and phone number for them.
I proceeded to email Blutekusa hoping to get my phone fixed or repaired. However, I did not get a response until the next morning of Thursday, March third because it was already after hours. By the time I got the email response, I had already called them. Much to my disappointment, the man on the phone told me that there was nothing they could do because the one month warranty period was already up,
Immediately after hanging up the phone with the Blutekusa representative, I called the Samsung Repair center. I explained my situation to the representative on the phone, and I was told to bring in my phone. After driving one hour to the repair center on the next morning of Friday, March fourth, I was told that they could not help me because my phone was an international phone. Before I drove home, I decided to call the Samsung help number that I had called the previous day. This time, the representative on the phone was much more helpful. He told me that they could fix my phone (unlike what I was told the day before). He gave me an email address to forward my proof of purchase to, and that I should get a response to my email on Tuesday or Wednesday. I wrote down all the information, and I sent the email as soon as I got home.
The next day of Saturday, March fifth, I found my mom’s old iPhone 5s, and she happily agreed to let me use it. When I tried to insert my sim card into the sim tray on her old phone, I noticed that I had a micro sim while her phone took a nano sim. We set out to go to the AT&T store to get me a new sim card. The first AT&T location we went to, near our house, had shut down since the last time I had been there. The next location we tried was the location in our local mall. The manager at that location said he could not help us (Something I had gotten used to hearing about this particular situation). Finally, the third and last AT&T store we stopped by had what we were looking for. Just a ten-minute drive from our house, the man working at this location was able to issue me a new sim card for my replacement phone.
It is currently the night of Sunday, March sixth. I will keep updating this post as the process continues. For now, I am awaiting a reply on my email to Samsung.

Thanks for Reading,

Vihan Khanna


It is Thursday, March tenth. The Samsung representative had told me that I would receive a reply to my email on Tuesday or Wednesday. However, I did not receive any email, so I proceeded to call yet again today. the representative I spoke to on the phone told me they could not help me because Amazon was an unauthorized Samsung retailer. My heart sank. I thought I was going to be stuck with this broken phone that was supposed to still be under warranty. The representative on the phone was very polite, and she told me I should try contacting Amazon.
After hanging up with the Samsung representative, I called the Amazon customer service number. The lady on the phone was very helpful. I gave her my order number, told her the phone was not working, and she told me that she could email me a shipping label so I could return the phone to Amazon and get a refund. Currently, I am waiting on that email.
On Friday March eleventh, I received an email with my pre-paid shipping label. I mailed out my phone, and I received an email after a few days stating that my refund would be processed in three to four days. All was well. Or so I thought. I noticed the refund amount was less than I had spent to purchase the phone. I looked up Amazon’s policies and found out that they only give eighty percent back after thirty days have passed. I was upset at first, but I was overall more happy to receive some sort of refund after all the trouble I had been through.

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