A Letter to Samsung

Dear Samsung,

Nine months after I bought one of your phones, it stopped working (out of no fault of my own).

In early June 2015, I bought a brand new Samsung Galaxy S5 from Amazon.com. I was super excited. My previous phone had also been a Samsung phone, and it never gave me any problems. I had that phone for a few years, and it was getting outdated. So I decided to get a new phone. My dad had, and still has the same, Samsung Galaxy S4. He absolutely loves his phone, so I decided to get the Samsung Galaxy S5.
I loved my new Samsung Galaxy S5. And I loved it for the nine months for which it worked. However, when my phone stopped working, out of no fault of my own, I was less than satisfied with the customer support I received from Samsung.
The first thing I did when my phone stopped working was take it my local Best Buy store. Their Samsung “expert” tried turning my phone on by hitting a series of keys simultaneously, connecting my phone to his charger, and switching my battery with a new battery. No luck. Before letting me go, he provided me with the number and address of a Samsung repair center. I then proceeded to my local AT&T store, but they could not help me since I did not purchase the phone through AT&T.
The next thing I did was contact Samsung customer support directly. The lady on the phone was very nice. After explaining my situation to her, she gave me an email where she told me to forward my proof of purchase to. I thanked her, hung up the phone, and forwarded the email containing my proof of purchase. However, the email immediately bounced back.
The next morning, I called up the Samsung repair center. I explained my problem to the lady on the phone, and she told me to bring in my phone. After a one hour, one way, drive to the repair center, I showed my phone to the representative and was told they could not help me since my phone was an international phone.
I returned to my car, but before leaving decided to call Samsung customer service one more time. This time was different than the last time. I was again told to forward my proof of purchase to a different email than the last time, and it thankfully went through this time. It was Friday, and the representative on the phone told me I would get sent a shipping label by Tuesday or Wednesday latest.
By Thursday, I still had not gotten a reply to my email. At this point, it had already been eight days since my phone stopped working. I called Samsung customer support for the third time about this problem. The representative on the phone told me they could not help me because I had purchased my phone from an unauthorized retailer. At this point, I was furious on the inside. How was I supposed to know that Amazon.com, a huge online retailer, was selling me a product they were unauthorized to sell? The most shocking part was that I was told I would be getting a refund, but then my refund request was quietly denied without notifying me.
At this point, I did the last thing I could do. I contacted Amazon.com for a refund. They sent me a shipping label without questions. I mailed out my phone the next morning and got an email within a few days saying I would be getting a refund. However, I noticed that the refund was for a lesser amount than I had paid for the phone. After a careful check of the Amazon.com return policies, I noticed that they only give an eighty percent refund after thirty days have passed. I was upset but glad that I was getting something rather than nothing.
I was most upset by the way Samsung handled my case. I was kept going back and forth for over a week, only to be told that they could not repair, replace, or refund my phone.
A phone that came with a two-year warranty seemingly ended up with no warranty. Samsung is a global company, and therefore, should be able to assist me in getting my phone repaired, replaced, or refunded. When I purchased my phone, I had no way of knowing that I was purchasing from an unauthorized seller, and that international models were not supported in the USA. Furthermore, since Samsung is a global company, they should have been able to locate and deal with the international party that could have solved my issue.

After this experience, I am quite weary of Samsung.

An Upset Customer,

Vihan Khanna


2 thoughts on “A Letter to Samsung

    1. Samsung said there was nothing they could do to help, but I had bought the phone from Amazon and they gave me a refund of most of the money.

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