Dripkit: Portable Pour Over Coffee


I had the opportunity to talk to Kara Cohen, one of the founders of Dripkit (and a fellow graduate of Draper University). Kara met her fellow Dripkit founder Ilana Kruger in 2011 when Ilana posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a roommate. After becoming roommates, Kara and Ilana became best friends, and eventually co-founders. Together, Kara and Ilana came up with Dripkit.

Founder Photo
Above is Kara (left) and Ilana (right)

Dripkit is a lightweight, pocket-sized, single-serve pourover coffee kit. Dripkit is made to fit on any size mug. It even fits on disposable coffee cups. Each Dripkit packet comes complete with a filter, dripper, and single serving of high quality coffee.
Dripkit uses high quality coffee beans from a small cooperative of farms on the side of a volcano in Antigua, Guatemala. Kara and Ilana tested many coffee beans before deciding to ensure that Dripkit customers would get nothing less than the highest quality coffee beans. Kara and Ilana specifically chose these beans because this coffee is robust, comforting and chocolatey with a calming comfort of the region and an added flair of spicy and floral notes. The coffee beans get shipped from Antigua to New York where they get roated by their partnrs in Brooklyn.

How Dripkit Works


All you need is a cup and hot water. Each Dripkit packet contains a filter, a dripper and the perfect amount of coffee. Step one to making the perfect coffee with your Dripkit is to remove it from its packet. Then, the second step is to tear the tab along the top of the Dripkit. Step three is to place the dripper on top of your cup. Make sure the front tab is inside the cup for added support. The fourth and final step is to slowly pour eight ounces of hot water into the filter and to enjoy a fresh cup of delicious coffee.
You can help support Kara and Ilana by donating to their Kickstarter campaign. As of July 31st, they have successfully reached their goal of $25,000, but you can continue to support them for sixteen more days. Help them reach their first stretch goal of $30,000.

You can follow Dripkit using the links below



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