Why Minifluencers Will Crush Bigfluencers

For this article, I am trying something new. I brought on a guest writer, Justin Hackney, to share his thoughts on why minifluencers will crush bugfluencers. The following article is written in Justin’s voice. I hope you enjoy this read as much as I did.

Just the other day I went to the store to buy some wine. My parents were coming into town and I wanted to buy the good stuff. So, I gave a close friend of mine a call. This person is what I would call a “wine snob”. But it worked out great for me, because that five second call turned into a great wine choice for me and my parents loved it. Somehow, without that winery even knowing, my friend became a minifluencer for the 2016 Château de Pez that I paid $30 for.

That didn’t cost the winery a dime. Yet, a minifluecer turned a prospect into a lead and then into a customer within five seconds. I wasn’t thinking about what celebs were drinking what at the time. No! I trusted what my friend had to say. Because I actually knew him. He wasn’t some face on the television.

70% of teenage YouTube subscribers say they relate to YouTube creators more than traditional celebrities
And I’m not discounted what influencer marketing can do for your business. On the contrary, I’m saying that it definitely works. But it’s also very expensive.

Just in a few short years, the ROI of true influencer marketing has dwindled and dwindled. Just like the real estate industry, there’s a bubble looming over every major influencer on Instagram. And it just might burst in the next couple of years.

I will say that even though the ROI has seen some shrinkage, it’s still the best return in the business. Roughly every dollar invested sees six in return. That’s huge!

But imagine if you didn’t have to spend one dollar, and still hit your KPI’s?

I’m not talking about some philanthropic celebrity out there. I’m talking about your customer’s friends and family… Or maybe the ones that at least have 10,000 followers (this is an arbitrary number. The point is that it’s not too small).

Let’s get theoretical for a moment. Picture yourself owning a chain of restaurants. And you would love to hire one a super hot model on Instagram to post about your food and drinks to her 2 million followers. You give her a call and she gives you a number ranging in the tens of thousands of dollars for this partnership to move forward. That’s a lot of money!

It’s money that you just don’t have to invest into something with no way of knowing it would work in the first place. So here’s another option:

We’re going to personally reach out to 200 people around the city your restaurants are located. These people are going to have over 5,000 followers on their Instagram page. And you’re going to offer them each a $25 gift card to your restaurant, which equates to just $5,000. In return for these gift cards, these particular people are going to post a picture of themselves eating your food and drinking your drinks. They don’t need a big pay out of tens of thousands of dollars to do that. They’re just happy they get a free meal on a Friday night! And the best part, you’ve just reached over 1,000,000 followers on Instagram!

This is the power of minifluencer campaigns. They have the same reach as influencer marketing, but much more return on your investment.


About the author: Justin Hackney is the Director of Business Development for Marketing Eye. Starting out his career in the military, he trained Iraqi Police near the Syrian border in Mosul, Iraq.

Thinking that he was going to be a career military man, he went to one of six senior military colleges in the US at the University of North Georgia and graduated with a degree in International Affairs.

Always operating in a sales and marketing role, he ended up working with nonprofits, Fortune 100 companies, and small tech startups. Drawing from years of experience in growing businesses through digital marketing and sales, he took the first opportunity to join the Marketing Eye team.

Based out of Atlanta, GA, Justin is now on the way to expanding the company into New York and Dallas. Feel free to reach out to Justin by messaging him on LinkedIn or emailing him at jhackney@marketingeye.com


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