About Me

Hello everyone! Welcome to my awesome blog. I have always loved writing. I started this blog back when I was 14, but after a few months I stopped posting because my writing was very unpolished, I did not have much time to keep up with the blog, and I had run out of inspiration for content.
For a few years I had done very little writing, but in 2016 I decided that I wanted to get back into writing as much as possible. I also decided that I was ready to start sharing my writing with others. That’s why I decided to pick back up with my blog. I deleted all my old posts, changed the theme, and updated all the information to reflect the new me.
My hope for this blog is that I can have at least one new post per month. I want this blog to be an outlet to share my work with the world.
When I started my blog, the idea was to share things from my life. Be it events I attended, things I learned, or my opinions and frustrations. However, I have decided to take my blog in another direction now, and posts will mostly have some relation to entrepreneurship. I understand that is a very broad topic, but I feel that it gives me more room to talk about many different subjects while still staying under the umbrella topic of entrepreneurship.
I want to thank you (yes you) for joining me on this journey. Stay tuned for many more posts written by yours truly.